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There are many ways to describe Tony Reno: self-made millionaire, betting genius, the insider that insiders dial up, or perhaps the most accurate – “A Legend”. Through his sports wagering success, Tony Reno made enough money to retire in the 1970s; we’re talkin’ millions, my friends. For Reno, it wasn’t enough to beat Vegas odds and call it a day. After serving an elite group of private clientele for two decades, he decided to go public. His goal these days: to lead anyone willing, to the same kind of success whether they bet $10 per play or $25,000 per play. He knows that there are too many people on the bookie’s side and not enough on the bettor’s.

So what’s the secret to Tony’s success? Why are his picks so damn solid? Let’s start with the fact that his contact list puts a high school cheerleader’s “friend list” to shame. Through years of experience in the sports betting industry, he’s gained invaluable contacts and regular access to more information than even the best oddsmakers. His most valuable tool: The telephone. Any given day of the week, Tony Reno is on the phone with any number of contacts stationed all over the world. So who’s Tony talking to? He’s talking to the guy in the bleachers during pre-game warm-ups, the Vegas bookie who knows which way the public is actually betting, the contact with tip-off info about the underdog’s new style of offense, and even the sports agent who knows the starting QB just got dumped by his college sweetheart.

Tony knows what the “wise guys” with big bucks are betting on and he also knows that it’s usually smartest to bet ATP (Against the Public). He firmly believes in betting against the action that gets bookies rich!

It was in 2007 that Tony Reno and his team decided to go on-line and serve sports bettors all over the world. is this long-time betting champ’s home. Connecting to Tony Reno means connecting to a world-wide betting information network. In the few years since the internet launch, thousands of people have hopped on board and found out how profitable establishing a relationship with a legend can be. Tony Reno’s charm has gone a long way, and his network continues to grow.

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Peter Kane
Industry News Columnist